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Basic Health Consultation (30 minutes)


Basic Health Consultation (30 minutes)

This is for a 30-minute phone consult with your health coach! We will answer your keto questions and set you on the right path.

We’ll send you a check list prior to your consult so you’ll know what to be prepared for and what you’ll need to bring to assist us in helping you. . We will contact you via email when we receive your order to set up a time that is mutually acceptable for us both.

***Let’s be clear here. I don’t believe in paying for health in any way. It goes against the grain of what healthy living is about in my opinion. Healthy living is about eating real food, cutting chemicals and toxins and healing your body through nutrition.

My packages are not designed for you to pay for health, they are here to help you take advantage of my personal experience and my personal success.  They are designed to pass on the knowledge that I have learned along the way through my own  journey to health. I can not and will not give you medical advice, I am not a doctor. I will advise you to check with your personal GP regarding your own health journey and your private and personal medical history. That’s none of my business and is between you and your doctor. I am not a dietician, any knowledge I share with you is based on my own journey in healthy living and the premise that you can potentially lose weight and gain health improvements through metabolic health.

In these packages, you are paying for my experience, my knowledge and my time. Results may vary depending on how compliant you are with the programs and your own body’s metabolism.


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