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Fasting-IF/EF & Autophagy


Fasting/IF/EF (30 minutes) phone call, skype or facetime

Many people don’t realize it, but you fast every night when you go to sleep. Your body will use up any food reserves pretty quickly, and then your body goes into a natural fasting state as you sleep. This is why the morning meal is breakfast, or breaking the fast.

Can anyone fast

While anyone can fast (IF), we recommend this as an advanced tool to be saved for when you’re soundly fat-adapted and your body has had ample time to heal. If you try fasting before this time, you’re risking the chance of sending mixed messages to your body and making it think you’re just not taking care of yourself again. Heal your metabolism first and wait ’til you’re soundly fat-adapted.

Our coaching package will bring you up to speed on fasting and will get you ready to fast safely and without feeling hungry. You will learn all about IF, EF and autophagy. Sign up today!


***Let’s be clear here. I don’t believe in paying for health in any way. You shouldn’t have to pay for keto. It goes against the grain of what keto is about in my opinion. Keto is about eating real food, cutting chemicals and toxins and healing your body through Nutrition.

My packages are not designed for you to pay for ketosis, they are here to help you take advantage of my personal experience and my personal success.  They are designed to pass on the knowledge that I have learned along the way through my own keto journey. I can not and will not give you medical advice, I am not a doctor. I will advise you to check with your personal GP regarding your own Ketogenic journey and your private and personal medical history. That’s none of my business and is between you and your doctor. I am not a dietician, any knowledge I share with you is based on my own journey in ketogenic living and the premise that you can potentially lose weight and gain health improvements through ketosis.

In these packages, you are paying for my experience, my knowledge and for my time. Results may vary depending on how compliant you are with the programs and your own body’s metabolism.


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