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Pancake Mix


Pancakes didn’t come out of a box in our home, our version of morning griddle cakes were mixed up with flour and eggs, made especially for us by our mom. Mom used a recipe that was passed down through the generations in her family. They were sooo good!!

This is the ketofied version of that same recipe!

Gluten Free, low carb, diabetic and keto friendly.


For three pancakes add;
1/4 cup pancake mix
3 tbsp cream
1 large egg
1 tbsp oil and more for frying

Whisk egg, cream and oil into pancake mix as directed.
Heat a non stick pan over medium heat.
Spoon 1/8- 1/4 cup portions of batter and cook for approx 1 minute. Flip
when there are lots of bubbles on the surface of the pancake. Cook the other side to golden brown.

Ingredients: Almond flour, erythritol, cream of tartar, egg, baking soda, xanthan gum, salt

Recipe Tips!

We toggle the heat when cooking pancakes! We start out with a hot pan to sear the outside then reduce heat to allow the pancakes to cook through. If you leave the heat up for the whole time, the outside will quickly cook while the inside will be undercooked. If your heat is too low, it will take forever to get that cooked layer on the outside of your griddle cakes.

This recipe can be used with a waffle maker!

Find our pancake syrup recipe HERE on our website!!

Know your stove! Reduce cooking times OR reduce your temp slightly if your stove runs hot. Increase your cook time OR increase your temp slightly if your stove isn’t as hot as it should be.

Cookware Matters!!

Cast iron is a poor conductor of heat and takes longer to heat up, but once its heated up, it has awesome heat retention capabilities and distributes heat evenly throughout.

Nonstick frying pan heat up quite quickly and are very responsive to heat. The downside is that they don’t provide evenly distributed heat. You will have hot spots and not so hot spots in your pan.

Never blindly follow and trust your instincts. If your dish need a little more time, or less time to cook properly…if you need to add a little more liquid or dry mix to the batter…do it!! Cook intuitively! Every kitchen is different! You need to think on your feet any time that you are in the kitchen.

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 22 × 28 × 3 cm


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