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Keto Shopping List for Beginnersshopping list

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Keto shopping guide

At first, keep it simple. You have lot of time for fancy meals, for now, follow the KISS guidelines, Keep it Simple, sweetheart.

This list includes mostly higher fat cuts of meat. Remember, all those years of misinformation are over now. We now know that eating healthy fats IS good for you. Get the regular ground beef, buy the fattiest bacon, look for the steak with all the marbling. You are about to learn what most chefs already know – Fat means flavour

Always remember that clean ingredients are a big part of ketogenic living, it’s not just about cutting carbs. Make clean choices that have no chemicals or processing, avoid inflammatory foods like soy and beans. Look for trigger words such as modified and prefixes such as poly. Always check ingredients.

Take a picture of this list with your cell phone and take it to the store with you!! This is a case where cheat sheets WILL help!

Meats on a Keto Diet

Regular ground Beef (We often add in ground pork for extra fat if we can’t find regular)
Ribeye/Prime Rib Steak and roasts
Moose and other wild game (add fats)
Chicken Thighs
Chicken wings
Chicken Breasts (white meat is less fatty, add butter to these if you buy them)
Whole Chickens
Breakfast Sausage (check the nutritional label. They often put fillers in here. The sausages we eat are 1 gram of carbs for 3 sausages!)
Kielbasa/ Polish Sausage (check for starches)
Pork Loin
Pork Ribs
Ground Pork
Ham Steaks (avoid honey hams)
Pork Steaks
Lamb Chops
Ground Lamb
Lobster crab and other shellfish
Hot dogs and Luncheon Meats (while most of these contain uglies, there are some Keto friendly options out there. Avoid starches)
Pepperoni and salami (avoid starches)

Vegetables & Fruits on the Keto Diet
Most of your daily carbs will come from veggies. The general rule of thumb is, veggies grown below the ground will have higher carbs than those grown above the ground. The exception to this is peas, which are generally sweeter. You want to look for the items with lower carbohydrates and higher amounts of fiber. The ones listed below result in a lower net carbohydrate and still contain great fiber, nutrients, and fuel for your body.

Swiss Chard
Brussels sprouts
Bell Pepper
Diakon Radish
Spaghetti Squash
Summer Squash
Chayote Squash
Blueberries (Fruits are limited to berries only, in moderation)
Carrot and turnip are ok in moderation after you reach the fat adaption stage

Dairy on the Keto Diet

White milk isn’t recommended on the ketogenic diet because its full of sugars (Yes, they hide sugar everywhere!!) But there are plenty dairy options for ketonians.
Check out these items and always watch for the carb counts and ingredients on packaging as no two brands are alike. Get used to checking ALL labels.

35% Whipping Cream
Cream Cheese
Sour Cream
Creme fraiche
Hard Cheeses (Don’t buy pre-shredded, they hide starches in there to keep it from sticking together.)
Greek Yogurt

Fats and Oils on the Keto Diet
While this is considered a high-fat diet, I recommend you use fats wisely. The fats and oils listed below are the most commonly used for cooking. Avoid vegetable oils, such as corn and canola oil. These are inflammatory and not recommended on a ketogenic Diet.

Avocado Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Sesame Oil
Lard (not shortening)

Miscellaneous Pantry Items on the Keto Diet

These are the things that just make the plan easier to manage. These are also items that help you with cooking, adding flavor, and bulking up meals. These are things to keep on hand in your pantry for many reasons.

Peanut Butter (Natural only, just roasted peanuts)
Chicken and beef Stock
Sugar-Free Pickles, relish, etc.
Dill Pickles
Yellow Mustard (no honey etc.)
Cider Vinegars
Salsa/Hot Sauce
Caesar Dressings (not diet)
Full-Fat Ranch
Beef Jerky (check labels for added uglies, all products are different)
Pork Rinds (check ingredients)
Almond Butter
Nuts, Seeds (in moderation)
Cream of Tartar

Additional/specialty items for baking and cooking Keto
These are all extras, not staples.

Coconut sauce- this is a soy sauce replacement
Fish sauce – this is a Worcestershire sauce replacement
Xanthan gum – this is a Keto friendly thickening agent for soups, stews, gravies etc
Himalayan pink, or natural sea salt
Almond and coconut flours
Flax meal
Psyllium husk
Buy individual spices, and avoid mixes which often contain fillers

You will get used to checking every label. If it is something that goes in your mouth, check that label!! Even times such as medicines, gum, mints can kick you out of ketosis, they all have hidden sugars.

Our before and after
Our before and after

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