Keto Life Lesson

When my son was a small boy, I tried to teach him self discipline and the lesson of how to sometimes walk away from things in front of you, no matter how tempting they look. I put one jelly bean at eye level, right in front of his cute little face. I KNEW how much he loved them, but they were a part of the lesson that he had to learn.

He looked at the jellybean with wide open eyes and was almost salivating at the thought of the sugary sweetness inside that little colourful bean. I told him, ‘Son, you can have the jellybean if you want, but if you can resist the jellybean and walk away from it, there will be a whole bag of jelly beans waiting for you later.’

It was hard lesson for him to learn. There was the jelly bean he wanted, right in front of him, while the promised bag of jellybeans wasn’t anywhere in sight.

We have become so self indulgent in these current times that often we don’t have the simple self control or self respect to by-pass a desired object, rather than to persevere, and to wait and achieve something that is far greater.

He looked long and hard at that jellybean that day, but I will never forget the look of pride and accomplishment on his little face when he made the right choice. He learned the lesson that sometimes grabbing that ‘want’ in front of you is not the best choice for anyone.

In case you need it spelled out for you, this post is not about jellybeans, it’s about will power and making the good decisions that are best for you and your body. You can continue to make the same decisions that you’ve lived your whole life and keep on being miserable OR you can find the ability to dig deep and muster the strength to create change. DO SOMETHING NEW.

The ‘new’ will never happen without the change, and only YOU can decide to make that change. 

Which jellybean do you want? The one on front of your face, or the whole frikkin thing?

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