ECK- The Pivotal Point: July 30, 2016


I can’t call it my keto-versary because we started our journey as low carb, then progressed to keto. But it was my life changer of a never going back kind of day.

This before picture is so emotional to me. I loved that girl but she was sitting with a friendly face (Thanks Nancy) , silently heartbroken and embarrassed. Here’s the story.

As a Newfoundland artist and as overall cheery person, I’m often invited to events to act as an ambassador for Newfoundland. We love it, we get to meet lots of super cool people and chat about all things Newfoundland.

This was the case this same day. Several fancy, big name chefs were visiting our lovely province for the week and this particular days event was a trip to the Ferryland lighthouse.

Now if you’ve never been, it’s delightful out there. There is a big of a hike/trek to get there, but once on site you pre-order a picnic lunch and they pass you a food basket and blanket, and off you go to find your spot.

I walked in a small group of people, one of which was a lovely chef from the Ottawa area. As we walked, I chatted and tried to entertain with tales of local lore …but being an asthmatic and severely overweight and unhealthy, the talking only added to the ‘walk’. By the time we reached the lighthouse I was pretty much in full asthmatic wheeze. I struggled to breathe, and wanting to sink under the nearest rock.

Hoping I was invisible.

As I was trying to catch my breath, I overheard somebody say (not in a mean way, but just noticing)

‘My God, I thought poor old Bobbi was gonna croak on the walk out!’
Smiling, banter, just conversation.

I realized I hadn’t hidden with my suffering at all, I felt like a spectacle.

It cut. I was embarrassed. I’m sure it wasn’t ill willed, but it was the final straw that I needed. It was the push that I needed to kick myself in the oversized arse and finally do something about it.

I was honestly at the place where I was mortified and embarrassed over my physical self for quite some time and because of my accompanying bad health, I was scared for my life. I went home and bawled. It was life changing.

Four years later. Four!!

I’d love to have that day and that trek to the lighthouse to relive, keto style. I’d run all the way to that picnic and back again.

My once unhealthy body is now the one that has completely healed. Hypertension, plantar fasciitis, migraines, inflammation, acid reflux and all sorts of aches and pain have disappeared along with the excess pounds. This 50 somethin’ carcass feels like it’s 25…or better.

I am keto strong.

Today is the 4th anniversary for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I found ketogenic living. I am grateful for my ECK Family, especially hubby/sidekick Geoff.

4 years later I am healthy. I have a best selling book on how to do what we did: How to get healthy without giving up the foods you love and without a belly full of chemicals.

I have a successful keto coaching business , where I share my life experiences to help others find health. I (we, Geoff and I) run a Facebook community of almost 6000 people (worldwide) who are all, with our help, getting healthy and finding the secret of the fountain of youth.

Much love, always.


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