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Do what’s fair…why don’t ya

Do what's fair

It may be all over the news, but in my eyes, equality seems to be something that we, as a society are just learning. And I’m here to tell you, we’ve got a long way to go.

In my opinion we need to come to a place where we look at other people, as just that. People. Not man or woman – instead, as another human being. Someone else’s gender or sexual orientation is absolutely none of your business unless you’re in an intimate relationship with them. Period.

gender equality

Gender inequality is some thing I’ve been putting up with my whole entire life in some fashion or another and it’s really frustrating.

Take the art world for example; popular opinion (and we’ve seen this proven time and time again) the artist simply MUST be a man.  If I had a dollar for every time a person brushed past  me, on the way to get the to ‘the artist’ – Geoff, I would have lots and lots of dollars.

Public misconception – The artist must be a male and can’t possibly be a woman.

I am artist, I am also woman

I also have worked in a hospital setting where I wore scrubs at the time. It was always assumed, if I was a woman wearing scrubs, I was  a nurse…never a doctor. That particular assumption went to the males in the building.

Incorrect assumption – women are nurses, the doctors are men.

In the culinary (or for us personally, the keto world) world, if the person is a home cook, it’s assumed the cook is a woman. However if it’s a professional cook, it must be a man. Funny that. Not funny.

Just wrong – Women CAN be chefs.

Chef Bobbi

Even In my car dealership days, it was blatantly assumed that  because I was a woman, I knew nothing about cars.

 ‘Honey, can you ask one of the men to show me where the oil goes in?’

My response was often- ‘How about I do that for you myself, and while I’m at it…would you like for me to change your oil too?’

Yes, I am woman. I CAN do that. It’s slightly infuriating that I am looked upon as less, or not as capable…because of my gender.

How about you? Do you treat people fairly?  Is this something that you think about? Do you treat boys differently than girls? Men differently than women? You really must look at the way YOU treat people and ask yourself – If this is a person of the opposite gender, would you treat them the same way?

The nitty gritty

Call the server, ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ ONLY if you would call the opposite gender the same. Otherwise, don’t.

Don’t assume the girl can’t do ‘computer stuff’ because she’s a girl.

Don’t assume the guy isn’t a secretary or the nurse.

There are no more boy or girl jobs or clothes. Boys can play with dolls and wear dresses.  Girls can be strong powerful leaders.

We need to come to a new understanding of gender and equality. We should never make assumptions based on gender, sexual orientation, or race.

Let’s go a step further and just never assume. After all, it really does make an ass out of you…

That’s it for this time! Thanks for joining me for another East Coast Keto Life Lesson. There’s still a lot to learn and we’re glad you’re along for the ride!

Keep Keto-ing with one foot in front of the other. Keto seconds lead to keto moments, Keto moments lead to keto days. Keto days will take you on a successful keto journey life time. We’ll meet you THERE!!

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1 thought on “Do what’s fair…why don’t ya”

  1. Madonna L. Ryan-Gorner

    Great life lesson. I agree! We do need to treat everyone fairly. We should live by example! Hopefully, when others see how we treat all people, they will be inspired to do the same!

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