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Cream Cheese Gravy

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This recipe will be your best friend for so many food situations; Sunday dinner, poutine, meatballs, pork chop dinner.  A spoonful of cream cheese gravy will take any of these meals up a notch and add to the comfort food factor as well.  This gravy is usually built on a pan full of meat dripping after the meat has been removed from the pan.


Meat or bacon drippings
Broth, meat, chicken or vegetable
Coconut sauce
Cream cheese
Xanthan Gum (optional)
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste.
Thyme (fresh if possible)


Deglaze pan with broth and then simmer.
Add coconut sauce and cream cheese and whisk until smooth.
Slowly add in Xanthan gum, keeping in mind that the xanthan gum will thicken more as it cools.
Add thyme, Salt and pepper to taste.

Recipe Notes:

  1. Ingredients amounts have been left uncalculated because of the wide variety of applications for this recipe. The amount would greatly vary between a turkey dinner and two pork chops. We use 1/8 cup of cream cheese to thicken/flavour a dinner for two and ½ a cup to enhance a turkey dinner. Use these numbers loosely in accordance to your own gravy preferences.
  2. If making turkey gravy, we usually add garlic, a small carrot, turkey wings and thyme to the pan as it is deglazing and simmering. This adds to the flavour tenfold.
  3. We keep Xanthan gum in a kitchen salt shaker to ensure we use the amount we like.
  4. If you thicken the sauce too much, add extra broth to loosen the gravy
  5. Coconut Sauce is Coconut amino’s in the US

That xanthan gum is tricky!!

Want to see us make this gravy? Check out our YouTube Video HERE



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