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Fresh Frozen Foods

If you’re a member of our community, you’re used to hearing me say..
“Never blindly trust your health to anyone else. Not to a marketer, not to a product, not to another person. Not even to US! Take ownership of your own health and know how to protect it. “
This eyes wide open viewpoint was a big part of our East Coast Culinary movement. Our goal was to bring you clean eating information, so you could take that information and make it work in your own home.
We put these same policies into our Fresh Frozen line.
We are ingredients first. We are clean eating. The food we have prepared for you in our dry mixed and frozen meals are as clean as we can find and are as clean as we would eat ourselves.
These are our recipes, prepared by us, for YOU! Each package contains ingredients carefully selected for quality, using our own recipes, carefully prepared by us, exactly the same way we would for our selves. No second guessing. No worrying if it’s real keto.
Our ingredients are listed on all products. Please read them to ensure our products fit your own version of keto.

All of our foods—whether frozen, hot and ready to eat or dry mix— are guaranteed gluten free, diabetic friendly , low carb…and YES! Also keto guaranteed.

When you see the East Coast Culinary Label, you know its a product that you can depend on!

Check out these ECK Guaranteed Products!