Rules for a New Decade

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As we prepare to welcome a new year (and this year, a whole new decade), its time for me to look back on some of the things that I’ve learned along my way. Some of these things might resonate with you, others you will dismiss and that’s totally fine. My journey is different than yours…so it should be.

Just don’t be a stick that’s stuck in the mud. Stir up your own waters and challenge yourself to grow. With any luck you’ll always be a better person than you were the day before.



Nameste - ECK Style
Nameste – ECK Style
  1. A happy wife isn’t responsible for your happy life. It has to come from within.
  2. Don’t compare your journey to any one else’s. You are unique and so is your experience.
  3. Learn to give every one their moment. Don’t compare your situation to theirs. Just listen and show compassion. We all need compassion.
  4. Trust your gut. If you learn to listen, your internal instincts will speak to you.
  5. Believe in yourself, but be aware of your limitations.
  6. Never shake another person’s hand while you’re sitting down. Grip firmly and look them in the eye
  7. Learn how to cook one killer signature dish.
  8. Think before you speak. You can’t unsay it after it’s said.
  9. Spend a few minutes every day reading up on current events.
  10. Be the little engine that could. Don’t think you can do it..know you can.
  1. Be in the present. It’s gone in a flash and you can’t get it back when it is.
  2. In negotiations, never make the first offer. Focus on listening, not talking.
  3. When entrusted with a secret, keep it. Learn when to hold your tongue.
  4. Hold your heroes to a higher standard and work to attain that same standard yourself.
  5. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.
  6. Play with passion or don’t play at all… go all in.
  7. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t make the same one twice.
  8. Realize that when you marry, you marry the whole family. Work to be a good family member.
  9. Be patient with others. Just because they’re smiling doesn’t mean they’re not hurting on the inside.
  10. Know that everybody is hurting on the inside.
  11. Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.
  12. Don’t try to please the world. You really can’t please em all.
  13. Grab the life that happens outside of your head and your screen. Get out there and create memories.
  14. Believe in serendipity.
  15. Never let anyone steal your day. Your smile is your power. Keep it with you at all times.
  1. Be like a duck. Always show calm on the surface and paddle like crazy underneath.
  2. Experience the joy of you. Learn to be comfortable eating and travelling alone.
  3. Never be afraid to talk to the best-looking person in the room. Don’t be too humble to know when that person is you.
  4. Smile! Always check yourself to see if you’re smiling. Its a simple thing that we often forget to do. Its contagious!
  5. Always dress and act classy. Laws of attraction apply here.
  6. Don’t be confined by someone else’s rules. Know which ones to break and which to keep.
  7. Write your own eulogy. Never stop revising and improving.
  8. Thank a veteran for their service. Be kind to the elderly. Spread kindness.
  9. Express anger by writing an angry email, read it carefully. Then delete it. Let it go.
  10. Manners make the man/woman. Never forget them. Quality matters, always.
  11. Give credit when due. Don’t hesitate to take the blame. Just fess up.
  12. Stand up to bullies. Protect those who are being bullied.
  13. Write down your dreams. Strive to achieve them.
  14. Be aware of your impact on the outside world. Try to add value everywhere you go.
  15. Be confident and humble at the same time.
  16. Work hard to be extra-ordinary!
  17. Do the right thing. Even when no one is looking. Only you can choose the right path for you.
  1. Change with the world, don’t try to stay in the one place. Be resilient. Expand yourself.
  2. Know your worth. Don’t let anyone belittle you or make you feel like you are less of a person.
  3. Stop trying to read peoples minds, it can’t be done. What others think is none of your business. Just be the best you can be and be satisfied with that.

That’s it for this time! Thanks for joining me for another East Coast Keto Life Lesson. There’s still a lot to learn and we’re glad you’re along for the ride!

Keep Keto-ing with one foot in front of the other. Keto seconds lead to keto moments, Keto moments lead to keto days. Keto days will take you on a successful keto journey life time. We’ll meet you THERE!!

Our before and after
Our before and after

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